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Why German companies should collaborate with Indian IT-companies?

Shortage of highly skilled IT professionals is increasing in Germany especially due to fast digitization. Hence there is an increasing demand for IT-specialists in business, administration and universities.

  • Germany lacks 33,000 IT professionals.
  • Currently only 8.500 IT specialists from India work in Germany.
  • 10,587 employees from India subject to social security contributions.
  • 25% of all “Blue Cards” are issued to Indian citizens.

India is famous for its mature first-class outsourcing capabilities and provides huge numbers of highly skilled IT professionals. In collaboration with the State of Baden-Württemberg and the City of Karlsruhe TalentXert and Let’s bridge IT have started the IT-Initiative which aims to find answers to the demand of German companies.

TalentXpert, Pune since 2000

We are an experienced and well-coordinated team with IT expertise, dedication and passion. Our goal is to support Pune, Maharashtra (India) and Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg (Europe) co-operation with all of their IT needs and requirements.

  • We are technological partner of Indo – German collaboration to cater.
  • Provider of comprehensive IT outsourcing services.
  • Expert for recruitment and the associated processes (“Hiring Tool”).
  • Building teams in India.
  • Specialist for software testing and quality assurance.
  • Core competence: Implementation of various IT outsourcing models.


Let's bridge IT since 2000

  • 2000 – 2016 IT outsourcing to India.
  • 2007 Foundation of the Indian Let‘s bridge IT Pvt.
  • 2014 cooperation office of the city of Karlsruhe in Pune.
  • 2017 Cooperation office of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Maharashtra.
  • 2018 Contact office of the HfSW (University Federation SüdWest BW).
  • Core competence: German-Indian cooperation.
  • To know more visit :- www.lets-bridge-it.com


Our solutions :

We offer four solutions to cater increasing dynamic requirements of German companies.



Classic Outsourcing of Development Projects


Our Onsite/Offshore Development model

Setup Office

We Will Setup Your Own Development Centre in Pune

Recruiting Specialist

Recruitment of Your IT Specialists From India

We Put Together Your Specialist team In Pune

You have project requirements! We put together your specialist team in Pune

Our approach:
  • > Provide manpower and infrastructure.
  • > Ensure compliance with deadlines and quality assurance.
  • > Manage the team and the results ("deliverables").
Your advantages:
  • > Flexibility: A team can be expanded quickly ("scalability").
  • > Security: Project management ensures daily meetings, conference calls, on-site meetings.
  • > Transparency: proven task tracking tools & project management systems.

Onsite/Offshore Development Model

We provide IT specialists in Germany and at the same time build a team in Pune

Our approach:
  • > We bring experienced IT experts for you. They work directly for you (onsite).
  • > We put together an experienced team in Pune.
  • > The Indian IT expert onsite takes care of communication and management of the Indian team.
Your advantages:
  • > Flexibility: team can be expanded quickly ("scalability").
  • > Security: the project manager is at your place. He knows the local language and the Indian way of working and he knows his colleagues and the hierarchies in India.
  • > Longevity: You have your own team (“dedicated” team) on site.

Your Own Development Center In Pune

You build your own development center / team in Pune

Our approach:
  • > We support you in recruiting the right IT experts on site in India.
  • > We provide office and infrastructure.
  • > The employees are your "direct" employees, only they work from India.
  • > 3.5 hours time difference. Office hours only after 10 a.m.
  • > Employees are hired according to Indian laws and regulations.
  • > You manage your team directly.
  • > A contract could be within the German companies and in German.
  • > You pay a monthly flat rate including salary, infrastructure and ancillary costs.
  • > You can take over the whole team after an agreed upon time based on MoU at the time of signing contract.
Your advantages:
  • > Low Risk Market entry in India.
  • > Expansion of market potential for your products.
  • > Transparency: Reliable planning of costs.
  • > Access to inexhaustible, highly qualified IT specialists.

Recruitment of Your IT Specialists From India

We are recruiting IT professionals on your behalf from India

Our approach:
  • > Find your IT specialists in India.
  • > Look for suitable candidates based on your job description.
  • > Organize virtual interviews based on your pre-selection.
  • > Hire the candidate and apply for the “Blue Card."
  • > In the meantime, the candidate can do his probationary time under your management with us in India, and only after that would he be sent to Germany.
Your advantages:
  • > Access to inexhaustible, highly qualified IT specialists..
  • > We use our sophisticated “Hiring Tool” to map the recruiting process transparently and clearly.
  • > You get the candidate of your choice.
  • > We take care of all application formalities, you hire the IT expert.
  • > We take over all "hand holding services" in Germany for seamless integration into everyday German work and life.

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