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IT Resource Outsourcing

Resource outsourcing

IT Resource Outsourcing Program

TalentXpert, Is a global IT Resource outsourcing provider in the field of Software development , Automation and manual testing, UI/UX, Digital marketing, graphic design, and other IT Related Operations. Our program operate across geographies and our highly Integrated model successfully works across US, Europe, Canada and India.

We are committed to supporting our clients’ success in the tech industry by simplifying Resource Outsourcing, making it hassle-free and cost-efficient. We achieve this through our distinctive and transparent billing model, where you pay the actual candidate’s salary and a minimal operating cost. This approach grants you full autonomy in choosing top-tier resources at the right cost

Billing = Actual Candidate Salary + Fixed Operating Cost

This model gives full advantage and satisfaction to clients and their hired resources as they will get full benefits offered by the client resulting in long lasting relationships and best productivity.

Our USP's

A Professional IT Resource Outsourcing Program

Best Model for IT Resource Outsourcing. By Simplifying and Managing all Hiring and Backend Operations, Also making it very cost efficient. 

Total Control

Create a high-impact team by meticulously choosing your candidates.

Cost Savings

Our model ensures you spend less while getting top talent.

Hassle free Operations

Manage all pre and post hiring operations.

Unique Model

No fixed billing, just the actual salary + operating cost.

Time Saving

Overall Efficiency is improved with our highly Integrated Model.

Advantages of Fixed Costing

  • Predictable Budgeting: Fixed costing allows for precise budgeting and resource allocation, which is vital for IT projects with defined cost constraints.


  • Stable Maintenance Costs: Fixed costs remain constant, making them suitable for ongoing software maintenance, ensuring cost predictability.


  • Long-Term Contracts: For long-term IT contracts, fixed costing provides consistent pricing and financial planning, reducing uncertainty.


  • Simple Pricing Models: Fixed costing simplifies pricing structures, making it easier for clients to understand costs and budget effectively in IT development projects.

Disadvantages of Variable Costing

  • Incomplete cost picture (excludes fixed costs): Variable costing in IT fails to consider fixed expenses such as salaries and rent, resulting in an inaccurate representation of overall project costs.


  • Challenges in budgeting and planning: IT projects require precise budgeting and long-term planning. Variable costing omission of fixed costs complicates these efforts.


  • Complexity in cost allocation: Allocating costs to specific projects or clients can be intricate when variable and fixed costs are involved, potentially leading to misrepresentations.


  • Short-term focus, limited long-term insights: Variable costing emphasizes short-term cost control but offers little guidance for long-term decision-making or resource allocation.

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